A client’s primary focus is the solution, not the process of finding it. For this reason, we ensure that our practice areas are relevant within the scope of transactions, as well as in ongoing consultation and in litigation. Irrespective of our clients’ needs, we always strive to provide comprehensive legal advice. Ultimately, clients seeking legal advice will only be helped if satisfactory solutions to their problems can be found. Whether this is achieved by settling disputes out of court or by filing lawsuits is of secondary importance to clients because they think of problems not in formal, but rather in practical terms. Therefore, our approach is to work in a goaloriented manner, while always taking into consideration individual needs. Our main practice areas are:
    We advise companies and business owners on all issues arising in connection with the acquisition or sale of businesses, business divisions, or business assets. Our expertise includes legal counsel on financing, restructuring, as well as tax issues. We are convinced that many transactions do not require a whole battery of advisors, but rather experienced lawyers who understand what is key and have excellent business know-how in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.
  2. Private Equity / Venture Capital
    Private equity and venture capital are key competencies of our firm. We regularly advise venture capital investors, founders of new companies, and growth companies in connection with financing rounds, business startups, and transactions. We also develop employee participation plans and assist with necessary restructurings and due diligence reviews to facilitate loans or exits.
  3. Structured And Asset Finance
    Our firm advises clients on structured and asset finance, offering special expertise for complex leasing transactions in the transportation sector (aviation). In addition, we have extensive experience structuring transactions in the renewable energy sector and transactions involving intangible assets.
    Our real estate practice focuses on legal advice for real estate transactions, in particular the acquisition or sale of real estate portfolios. Thanks to our extensive experience advising real estate investors, project developers, construction companies, and real estate service providers, we are able to advise clients on all real estate-related legal issues. This includes real estate transactions, commercial leasing, asset management, property and facility management agreements, project development, public and private construction law, and real estate litigation.
    Another focus of our practice is advising clients on financing for complex real estate transactions. We advise borrowers and banks on the structuring, negotiation, and implementation of real estate loan agreements in connection with financing and refinancing transactions, the securitization of loan receivables, and portfolio restructurings.
    We represent our clients in all matters involving landlord-tenant law/condominium ownership law, advising them on all legal issues arising in connection with the conclusion and structuring of lease agreements, from issues arising during the term of the lease to issues arising at termination of the lease. We review and draft lease agreements, and we advise and represent clients when issues arise with respect to the amount of rent, the enforcement of claims for payment, security deposits, and rent increases or decreases. We provide services both on a case-by-case basis and within the scope of due diligence reviews in connection with transactions.
    We advise and represent construction companies, architects, engineers, contractors, as well as buyers of construction services in all matters involving private construction or real estate law, providing legal advice on construction design, the structuring of contracts, the construction phase, formal acceptance, and, ultimately, occupancy or resale of the property. We review and draft agreements for delivery of work, agreements with general contractors, project development agreements, lease and purchase agreements of any kind, agreements with construction companies (including general terms and conditions and Standard Terms and Conditions for Government Building Contracts (VOB/B), and agreements with architects and engineers. This also includes the legal review of contractual addenda, claims for contractual penalties, and claims for damages. We assist clients with the formal acceptance of construction services and represent clients when performance, compensation, or liability issues arise, in particular in connection with construction defects.
    We advise our clients on all issues of insurance and insurance regulatory law. We have expertise drafting contracts and terms and conditions of insurance, and counsel clients on issues involving the licensing of insurance products as well as on regulatory issues. In addition to our consulting services we offer extra-judicial and judicial representation on issues relating either to the assertion of or defense against claims resulting of personal or property insurances.
    Our firm advises companies and private individuals, both in and out of court, on all issues of employment and labor law, in particular in connection with restructurings and transactions. We advise clients on the structuring of such measures and assist them in negotiations with works councils and unions. Another focus of our services is providing legal advice on data protection of employee data and on compliance issues.
    In today's networked and digital world the protection of intellectual property is gaining ever more importance for businesses. In these times of online marketing, the protection of intellectual property should be made a top priority, which is why competent and up-to-date legal advice on issues of intellectual property law is indispensable. Whether the protection and enforcement of a company's own rights are concerned or the exercise of such rights, we offer clients competent, customer-tailored legal advice, including the legal implementation of our clients' wishes. Our services in this area include, for example, filing trademark applications with the Patent Office, drafting cease-and-desist letters and cease-and-desist agreements, negotiating and drafting contracts, and enforcing claims of our clients both in and out of court. These and other competencies complement our other legal services.

    Estate law is gaining ever more importance. Before the date of inheritance the testator confronts questions involving the structuring of testate or inter vivos succession. Appropriately structuring the succession to hard-earned assets while at the same time meeting the needs of the various generations involved requires solid legal advice in order to implement the expectations of all parties with legal certainty and precision. After the testator's death – in which case the law on mandatory inheritance portions plays an important role – we assist clients with the enforcement of justified or the defense of unjustified claims of inheritance. Our services also extend to the distribution of assets among a community of heirs, and advice on all issues involving the validity of wills or legacies, etc. Should an amicable solution be impossible, we will also represent the interests of our clients in court.

    Our services in this area focus on the following:

    • Drafting wills
    • Drafting inheritance agreements
    • Inter vivos succession
    • Agreements among heirs and inter vivos gifts
    • Corporate succession
    • Mandatory inheritance shares
    • Disputes among heirs
    • Probate proceedings
    • Distribution of estate assets among multiple heirs
    • Judicial receivership of real property
    • Representation in judicial auctions of real property
    • International estate law
    • Estate tax law

    In addition, we assist clients with

    • Care directives
    • Advance directives
    • Precautionary power of attorney

    The art market is constantly growing. Art is now meeting the most varied needs, from purely personal interests in art to art as an ever more popular form of investment. Art law covers the intersection between interest in art for its own sake and financial interest in art. In this connection we note that the area of "art law" as such does not actually exist, but, for the most part, encompasses laws that are not specifically tailored to art. While there are certain laws, e.g., copyright laws, that specifically deal with art, many generally applicable laws must be applied to art as well. Thus art law cannot be defined in terms of specific laws, but rather is defined by art as such and by the points at which an artist, a piece of art, or art in general comes into contact with the law.

    Of course, our services also include legal advice on the full spectrum of copyright issues.

    Our services in the area of art law focus on the following:

    • Insurance issues
    • National/international art loans
    • Issues arising in connection with foundations
    • Tax valuation of works of art
    • Transfer and structuring models
    • Advice on gift and estate tax in connection with transfers
    • Administration of estates and execution of wills
    • Acquisition of works of art
    • Issues related to the provenance, quality, or fungibility of works of art
    • Sale of works of art, art collections, or parts of art collections
    • Auction agreements/auction law
    • Copyright agreements
    • (in the areas of fine art/music/film)
    • Enforcement of copyright claims
    • Defense of unjustified copyright claims

    We represent clients before national courts and arbitration courts as well as in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, often in cases with international aspects. We advise clients, inter alia, on complex disputes in the areas of employment and labor law, corporate law, banking and finance law, real estate law, art law and copyright law, estate law, and insurance law.

    Our services include carefully investigating the facts and developing the right strategy together with the client, as well as providing a transparent risk and cost analysis for the available courses of action.




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